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Ezra Levant Interviewed Noam Chomsky and They Disagreed On Pretty Much Everything | VICE | Canada


“ So, how did The Rebel fare against The Chomsky? Aside from cutting off the professor a number of times—to which Chomsky, usually in the midst of a complex example, was quick to cut back in with a “May I continue?”—Levant was clearly introducing ideas designed to back Chomsky into familiar Sun News corners. Sometimes these subjects led to in-depth analyses by Chomsky, most of which were perhaps far beyond the sort of rant-heavy editorializing that Sun News viewers might be accustomed to. At other times, Levant and Chomsky were simply talking at cross purposes.

Take this exchange:

Levant: “I think you’re disregarding the democratization of the internet that allows anyone with a blog or a YouTube page or even a Facebook page to talk to literally millions. Do you discount that?”

Chomsky: “No, of course I don’t discount that. In fact, I’ve written about it.”

Or this:

Levant: “You’re more than just a grouch. You have particular philosophy. And I want to know if there’s a place on earth that is more attuned to your philosophy… Is there a better society than America?”

Chomsky: “First of all, expressing criticism of society is not being a grouch.””

I highly encourage you to click the link.

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